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Published by: Pease Nnabuike on 10-Dec-21
How To Get FREE Traffic For Affiliate Links, CPA & Landing Pages

Imagine if you could get traffic to your affiliate links your websites, your cpa offers your ecom store and your landing pages, so you can build an email list faster and what, if you could do it all without creating any content? Well, today, you're going to learn a five-step, advanced traffic method and it is an incredibly powerful way to get visitors for free, so today, you're going to discover how to leverage the best content in your industry and use it to siphon targeted traffic. Today we are going to use other people's content and we're going to use it ethically and legally. So the first step in this plan is to decide on your end destination, your big cta, your call to action.


So what do you want from this? Where do you want to send traffic to this can be an affiliate offer, it can be a cpa offer. It can be your blog. It can be anything you like in this example. I'M gonna send traffic to this landing page.


This is a free blueprint that reveals how a clueless newbie made over 55 000 in his first 180 days online. This is a true story about how one of my students retired in his first six months online, so i'm going to send traffic to this page. The url is Here, so what we're gonna do is find relevant content that matches this offer. Now, because it's about affiliate marketing, i'm gonna go to google and i'm gonna search for affiliate marketing.


Now you might want to get something a little bit more niche, something a little bit more specific, so let's say affiliate marketing blueprint. So what i'm going to do is find some of the best content from google that matches this this landing page. Okay. So here we have five steps: affiliate marketing, uh blueprint for beginners. That could be a good piece of content.


Okay, unfortunately, this website looks like it may have been abandoned and let's go with neil patel, so we're going to take this url. So it looks like a decent, lengthy piece of content that delivers value. So we're going to take this url and we're going to work with it. Next, we head over to a website called snipply which allows us to embed our call to action on other people's content. I'Ll show you how it works in a second, but take a look at this is it is a free website, doesn't cost anything to use but check this out.


It'S really built for affiliate tracking and it allows affiliate marketers to promote their offers and their affiliate links in a really slick and stealthy way. So what i recommend you do is sign up for a free account, i'm not associated or affiliated with this website. I just use it and i see some good results from this strategy, so go ahead. Log in or create your account i'm going to log into mine there we go so i've logged into a brand new account, so you can see how to set things up from scratch. It'S really simple!


So here's what we do. We get this piece of content from an influencer or a authoritative website, something that is very share worthy. We get that url and then we put it into this field here so enter a url paste it in and then click create snip. So what it's going to do now is allow us to add a call to action so down here at the bottom of this page. You can see the call to action, so here we can choose what type of banner to add i'm going to choose cta.


So if i change this message here, it says add your message, so i might say something like see how charles retired, in 180 days as an affiliate, marketer and there you can see it's changed the text at the bottom there. But this is really important too. Here we have a button text field, so this is where we add up a big call to action, so we can leave it as click here or we can say something like download now or watch here or sign up or whatever. We, like i'm, going to say download here so download download now and now we have another very important field, which is the button url. So because i'm going to promote this landing page, i'm going to get this url and put it in here.


So let me type it out for you just so you can see it for yourself, so it's profitcopilot.com180 and now i click continue, and now we can change some of the settings. Now. A few of these, like the color and the positioning, are only available to premium members, so bear that in mind, but we can still play with it a little bit. For example, we can change it to full width.


So if i do that, it now looks like it's really part of the website or we can just keep it as social or we can change it to candy there we go or we can change it to bean to make it rounder like that. I'M going to leave it as default social and then i'm going to click finish cta and now it's live, so i can copy this url. So it's changed it to a short url, but watch what happens if we preview link click preview, it's going to go to neil patel's web page and look at the bottom here. We have my call to action. So there it's got my twitter handle and it's got the copy that we added in and then oops we've got the download now call to action button.


If i click that there we go, it's taken me to the landing page from neil patel's website. So hopefully you can see how powerful that is. Now we need to get eyeballs on this, because there's no point setting this up. If nobody sees it right, so we can now post this short link across social media. So, for example, i can go to twitter.


I can create a new tweet paste in that short link and then, as as an extra tip, what i would recommend you do is always tag the author of the article that you're promoting. So, for example, i could tag neil patel like this. Another important aspect is to actually add hashtags, because we want a wider reach, so think about the content. Think about the keywords think about the level of competition that you might be facing if you want to get a good hashtag strategy for twitter. Look at my previous video i'll link to it in the description as well, so follow that strategy for your hashtags.


That'S going to get you the maximum reach, so we might want to add in something like affiliate marketing use some of the drop-down suggestions as well. After you've validated the hashtags and what i like to do is add a little bit of description here so say something like affiliate marketing blueprint and then click tweet watch what happens. So if we go to my twitter feed there we go so it's pulled in some of the copy it's pulled in the headline as well and the image. If we click on that, it's going to redirect to neil patel's website and there at the bottom. We have the call to action that we added now imagine if you share that short link across facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, even ready.


What'S going to happen, your traffic is going to increase, sure you're, also promoting another person's website, we're leveraging their influence and their authority and we're adding our own call to action at the bottom. But because it's got that relevancy we're going to drive traffic and not only that other people are going to share this link on our behalf too. So when it gets traction, we can generate enormous levels of traffic for free, but we're not done yet there's another step to this. Let me explain it to you, because if we go back to snipply, we have to monitor our results. So here you can see that i've generated one click, which was myself, but there we can keep an eye on our conversion rate.


We can see what's working and then we can fine tune it as well, and i think, there's a premium version that will give you a b split testing too. However, it is important that you keep an eye on the results, so you can track what is working and what's not.


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