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Published by: Pease Nnabuike on 29-Dec-21
Affiliate Marketing: How Much Can You Make?

What would happen if instead of going to a four-year college, you spent the same amount of work solely on affiliate marketing, the outcome is something that you would never imagine, and it is very eye opening to see. Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well today. If you're new here, my name is Greg, and I like to talk about online entrepreneurship and sharing the resources that I wish I had along my journey.


So, if you're interested in making money online, feel free to look around the channel and you might find some stuff that you like.

In today's video, I'm going to be breaking down for you guys what would happen if you spent the four years that you would traditionally spend going to college and paying for college, if you spent all that time solely on affiliate marketing, how would it end after four years? What really made me want to run the numbers on what would happen is I saw this video over here and this was by income school. They are an amazing channel specifically made for talking about niche affiliate marketing websites. They have built so many niche affiliate marketing websites because this stuff really works. I think currently they have 50 copywriters working for them as employees, they give them the topics and the copywriters write all these articles for them.


They see how well this works, so, that's While they're growing this in serious scale. As soon as I get to the numbers here, after a year, two years, three years, four years, you're going to see what I'm talking about. So, before we get to the numbers here, if you guys have been enjoying my videos and you'd like this kind of content, if you can hit the thumbs up button on this video, I really appreciate it, and that tells the YouTube algorithm that these videos are good, and it gets it out to more people. So, if you can do that, thank you so much in advance, you guys are awesome! Now with that being said, a couple of really important key points that I'm using to reference throughout this article, this way, we all stay on the same page.


In the video from income school that I was talking about earlier, they break down kind of the average earnings of a site, and it's pretty spot on. It's a pretty modest number, but the number that they go off of is once you create the website and you put your posts on it, I'll talk about this more in a second, after one year of creating that website and putting the posts on it, it should be earning $1,000 per month. Now again, that's a pretty modest number and you'll see some sites under perform that a little bit but some way over perform that at the one year mark. Now additionally, these sites keep growing, so, at about the two year mark, I'm going to put the average income at about $3,000 per month.


Now, this can vary a lot, sometimes you see it only going up to 2000 per month, and then it kind of plateaus at that point, sometimes you even see them grow to seven or ten thousand dollars per month, and then it typically plateaus at about that point if you're not adding new content to the website.

So, those are our first metrics for this video is that it's going to take one year to start earning, and at that point, it's going to be earning $1,000 per month, and then during the second year on, it'll be earning $3,000 per month, and we're just going to say that it's going to plateau at $3,000 per month.


Now whether you're new to affiliate marketing, or if you have experience with affiliate marketing, then you may know that these numbers are very modest numbers and I'm just generalizing to make this easier for this equation that I'm going to show you here in a second. So, those are the monthly earning numbers that we're going to use for this example.


Secondly, we're going to go off of the general strategy of creating your niche site and writing 30 blog posts on this site, trying to do it one every day for the first 30 days, and then not touching the site ever again. 30 blog posts on your website is the point where Google considers it a full website and you don't have to keep adding to it anymore.

You won't be categorized as a new website anymore, and if you continue to add after 30 posts onto your website, you can continue to grow it, but we're going to go off the assumption that we're just adding 30 blog posts onto the website, and then moving on to the next one. Now, this strategy absolutely works, and this is the one that I personally use, so, I recommend it, and the monthly earning numbers that we're using for this example makes sense for the strategy. So, there's just two more key metrics that we have to go over before we get into these examples, so, it all makes sense.


The first one is how we're making that one to three thousand dollars on the website, and that's a combination of two things, so, that's adding Google AdSense to your website, just to make money every time someone comes onto your website, Google pays you for that. And secondly, with affiliate marketing.

So, this is Amazon affiliate marketing, and then other affiliate programmers from different websites, adding those into your blog posts as well. Those are the only two things we're going to do for monetization of the site, and that puts us in the range of one to three thousand dollars per month, as we're going to show in the example. And now, the last really big key component that we're going to go off of is how many essays you have to write in college. This is going to be the basis of this entire example here. And I've been through college four years of college, so, I know how frequently you have to write essays and the lengths of these essays compared to blog posts on an affiliate marketing website.


So, the numbers that we're going to use here are based on my college experience, and this is for a general business degree, and that is roughly one essay, per week, per class. Now, when we break that down across the four year period of college, that's roughly 40 different classes. Now, each of these classes are 16 week semesters, and to be realistic here, the first week of every class in college, you don't really do anything, so, we're going to count them as 15 working weeks per semester. Now, the vast majority of people who go through four year college, the way they break it up is evenly, so, they have five classes per semester, and there's two semesters in a year. So, you have five classes at a time, over the course of four years you've taken 40 classes, hopefully gotten all your credits because you passed all these classes, and then you graduate.


So, this is where we get to the numbers. We're going to use the assumption that instead of writing an essay that you would for class, you're writing a blog post on an affiliate marketing website. Now, I've already taken into account that not every week you have to turn in an essay, but the reason for this is that a typical blog posts on an affiliate marketing website is somewhere between 1000 and 1500 words. Now, your typical college essay is between a 1,000 and 3,000 words, but often, at the end of the semester, you have a final and this is often a 15 to 20 page paper. That's a lot of affiliate marketing blog posts.

So, keeping all that in mind, let's break down the numbers, I'll keep everything on the screen here, so, it's nice and easy to follow, and let's get started. So, looking at a college semester, we're taking five classes at once, and there's 15 working weeks in that semester.


Now going off the assumption that we're doing one essay per week, that is five essays every single week. Now when we take those five essays per week, times 15 working weeks in a semester, that's 75 essays by the end of each semester. Now there's two semesters per year at college and four years, so, that makes eight semesters.

So if we take 75 essays per semester times eight, we're left with 600 essays by the end of your four year college degree. So, now, when we translate this into niche affiliate marketing websites with 30 blog posts per website, we take 600 total essays or blog posts divided by 30 per website, we're left with 20 completely full affiliate marketing websites by the end of four years. So, now let's bring in the numbers of how much we would be earning.


As we said before, in year one, we're not going to earn anything on the articles that we created. After one year of creating the website, it'll start earning $1,000 per month per completed website.

So, if instead of writing college essays, we were writing blog posts for niche affiliate marketing websites, in the first year, we would earn a big fat zero, but this is fine. We're going off the assumption that the first year we're not going to earn anything. Here's where it starts to get good. In year two, all of the websites we created in year one should now be earning $1,000 per month.


So, in that first year, we would have created 150 different blog posts that is five completely full and done affiliate marketing websites.

So, in year two, we'll be earning $5,000 per month for all those articles we created the last year. Now I understand that this equation assumes that you made all of those articles on day one of the first year, and we're going off the fact that it takes one year to start making $1,000, but I'm using round numbers here just to make everything simple, but you can follow along on the logic here just to see how quickly this grows. So, throughout year two, we're continuing to make another 150 articles instead of writing essays for college, and during this time, we're earning $5,000 a month from last year's articles, which is a total of $60,000 per year at this point.


Now this is where it starts to get really good. In year three, all of those articles from year one are now earning $3,000 per month because they are in the second year, plus the articles that we wrote in year two are now earning $1,000 per month.

So, at this point in year three, this would be your junior year in college. If you've kept doing everything we've been talking about, you should now be earning $20,000 per month or $240,000 per year, instead of writing college essays and rather writing all those into blog articles on niche affiliate marketing websites.


All we're doing here is keeping everything consistent, writing 150 blog articles per year instead of writing college essays that we would be if we were in college. The big kicker is when we move into year four, this will be your senior year of college, and this is where the really big numbers start to come out. So, at this point, everything we wrote in our freshman year of college is now earning the $3,000 per month, it's plateaued.

Everything from our sophomore year of college is earning $3,000 a month, it is plateaued as well. And then everything from our junior year or last year of college is past its first year of not earning anything, and that is now earning $1,000 per month.


So, when we add all of those up, we have 15 completed and earning affiliate marketing websites, 10 of those are earning $3,000 per month and five of them are earning $1,000 a month, and then the ones that we write in this fourth year aren't earning anything yet. But the amount of earnings at this point with everything built up to it, in our fourth year or senior year of college, you would be earning $35,000 per month or $420,000 per year. This is absolutely insane, and if you kept up this pattern of writing 150 blog articles per year, you can see how quickly this would grow.

Now all of this money that you're earning from these niche affiliate marketing websites is truly passive income, you don't have to do anything with these.


And like I said, we're going off the strategy of creating 30 blog articles, putting it on the website and basically forgetting about it and moving on to the next one. Now some of you may be saying what about the expenses or the risk that comes with making a niche affiliate marketing website? Well, that's what I'm going to talk about now. So, I'm going to base these numbers off the assumption that we're using Wix website builder to create these nice affiliate marketing websites.

The reason I say this is because Wix is substantially more expensive than WordPress, but Wix is so easy that anyone can do it.


You don't even need website experience to do this. WordPress is a lot cheaper per month, but you definitely need some experience, and there is a bigger learning curve to use WordPress than there is to use Wix. So, with that being said WordPress is only about $3 per month, Wix is about $14 per month, but as you can see in these earning numbers that really doesn't matter after the first year. So, getting back to this, the year by year expenses for hosting your niche affiliate marketing websites with Wix which should be your only expense involved here, for the first year is $840.

This is going off the assumption that it's $14 per month and we're creating five affiliate marketing websites per year. Now in the first year, we don't earn any money, so, that $840 is out of our pocket. That's the risk that we have to take to go through with this.


Now, in the second year, we create another five websites, So, this goes up to $1,680 per year. But we know at this point, we're earning $5,000 a month from last year's websites, so, we're already making $60,000 a year, so, that $1,680 doesn't matter anymore.

In the third year, we add another five Wix websites bringing us up to 15 premium plans on Wix every year. That's $2,520 per year. But as you know, at this point, it really doesn't matter, we're making $20,000 per month, $240,000 per year, what's $2,000 as a cost of doing business. And then, in the fourth year, we add an additional five websites, bringing us to 20 completed websites hosted with Wix at $14 per month, bring us to $3,360 per year, but as you know by the numbers, if we kept up this pace for four years, we would modestly be making $35,000 per month passively from these websites. For $420,000 per year, you would definitely not be concerned by a $3,000 bill at the end of the year for hosting your websites.

Now, here's the real kicker.


If we were rather going to college and paying for the tuition to go to college and write those essays, this is what those numbers look like. The average cost in the United States of going to a four year public in-state college, which is cheaper than out of state, is $83,080 for four years. That's 80 grand and that's a public university that's in state. Now, those are just the costs of going to a public university, There are also private universities.

So, in the United States, the average cost of a four year non-profit private university is $187,800 for four years, and these are just the averages. So, know that if you are going for a four year traditional education and getting your degree, it's going to be tens of thousands of dollars. Now, I want to be very clear, I have nothing against going and getting an education at a university. I think it can be extremely helpful and it is what you make it.


If you want it to be boring and sitting in class and just getting by, that's what it will be.

If you want to take it seriously and network, and go to the extracurricular, that's where you're going to get your bang for your buck. Either way, when we look at the difference of writing essays and turning them in for a grade, or writing blog posts and putting them on niche affiliate marketing websites, you can see what's more profitable.

Now, going to college is not easy work. As you saw in this example, you're writing a lot of papers and returning in a lot of assignments for grades. If you bring that same mentality to affiliate marketing and you stay motivated and you keep working on it at this kind of pace, this is the earning potential that you can expect.

Alright guys, that's it for this video. When I worked these numbers, it absolutely blew my mind, and I had to share it with you guys. But that's what would happen if instead of writing all these papers, you wrote blog post for affiliate marketing websites, these are the kind of numbers you would be earning.



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